Shannon Nielsen - Teacher of the Year

Shannon Nielsen, Fairmont Charter Elementary School's Teacher of the Year
Posted on 02/06/2024
Shannon Nielsen, Fairmont Charter paraeducatorWe proudly announce that Shannon Nielsen is our 2023-2024 Teacher of the Year at Fairmont Charter Elementary School.

Shannon has demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to our school, students, and faculty, showcasing extraordinary dedication and professionalism in her roles.

As our Response to Intervention coordinator, Shannon's versatility is truly remarkable. Despite her primary role, she seamlessly transitioned into the Data Coach/Content Specialist position when needed, filling a significant gap within our staff without missing a beat. Her ability to juggle multiple responsibilities while maintaining a positive attitude and an unwavering smile is commendable.

Shannon's proactive approach to her duties is evident in every aspect of her work. She expertly manages her busy schedule, efficiently leading WIN (What I Need) groups, coordinating paraeducators, stepping in for classes in the absence of substitutes, and actively contributing to the planning and execution of our family nights. Her contributions extend beyond administrative tasks, as she consistently supports teachers in curriculum development, testing, and, most notably, enhancing students' reading skills.

Her impact on our school community cannot be overstated. Despite not being in the classroom daily, Shannon's influence resonates across all classrooms. Her collaborative spirit and willingness to assist have made her an invaluable resource for staff and students. She exemplifies what it means to be a team player, consistently modeling exceptional teaching practices and fostering a positive learning environment.

Shannon's contributions and commitment to student success make her an outstanding educator and an integral part of Fairmont Charter Elementary School.

Her impact on our school has been immeasurable, and I have no doubt she will continue to inspire and uplift all those around her.

-- Shayla Bowman, Principal, Fairmont Charter Elementary School
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